Published On: Wed, Jan 12th, 2022

Left and right ear superstitions – 4 omens around bodily sensations

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Itchy ears

According to Semra, itchy ears means someone is talking about you.

If it’s your left ear they are saying nice things, but if it’s your right ear they are saying something nasty.

You might have heard this told the other way around, but it’s definitely ‘left for love and right for spite’.

This omen dates back to the Roman Empire, and you can find versions of the itchy superstition in the Roman scriptures written by Pliny and Plautus.

Even poets and writers – such as Geoffrey Chaucer and Charles Dickens – have referred to this omen in their work.

The Eclectic Witch advised: “If you say the name of the person who you think is talking about you out loud and get it right, the itching will stop.”

Some mystics apply this omen to ringing, burning or general warmth of the ears too.

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